Meanwhile, in Westhampton Beach...

Friday, May 23, 2014

Meanwhile, in Westhampton Beach... seemed like it was still 1984! In the story on 27East this morning, originally by-lined "Kyle Campbell..."

Westhampton Beach Lawyer To Challenge Mayor

...but updated within the past half hour and now carrying the by-line of Alexa Gorman, what some would call "critical information" had been removed.

"Ms. Moore has never held elected office. Her husband, Thomas, was appointed to the Westhampton Beach Village Zoning Board of Appeals in 2008, but resigned in 2010, three years before his term was up. Mr. Moore, a law clerk, authored controversial resolutions during his time on the board, including one that barred then-Village Attorney Hermon 'Bo' Bishop for sharing his legal opinions in public."

That was newsworthy then, during the darkest days of the troika of Joan Levan, Hank Tucker and Jimmy Kametler, the four illegal resolutions, the outraged resignation by Mr. Bishop, and the resignation under pressure of Tom Moore from the ZBA.

In George Orwell's 1949 novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, pro­tagonist "Winston Smith" works as a clerk in the Records Department of the Ministry of Truth where he is tasked with rewriting historical documents in order to match the con­stantly changing policies of the ruling power.

When that information was removed from the posted story, it appeared as if someone... one or both of the Moores, Joan Levan?... wanted those activities to be consigned to the dust bin of history.

(Ironically, an earlier 27East story, "Newcomer Could Seek Westhampton Beach Mayor's Seat," was still intact.)

When I spoke directly to Southampton Press Western Edition Editor Frank Costanza about the matter, he was unaware of any revisiors or redactions.

Explaining the intricacies of their digital editing system which somehow manages to serve both the on-line and print edition of the weekly newspaper, he poked around "under the hood," discovered the missing copy, and as of 12:36 pm, restored it to 27East.

Good to know it wasn't as sinister as it initially appeared!


1. Seeker said...


Am just catching up on your blog - so sorry to have missed so much good writing over the past few months! If one wants to know the truth about Village politics (amongst other things local), this is the place to be educated and/or reminded!

Thanks for your continued service to the community!


Golly... thank you kindly, ma'am.

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