Murray C. Frank (1932-2014)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Murray C. Frank (1932-2014)

Not a great deal is known about Murray Frank whose re­mains were discovered by Village Police during a "welfare check" last Friday evening at his home at 55 Old Riverhead Road, but many knew him by sight from around Westhamp­ton Beach for decades.

Born on Groundhog Day early during the Great Depres­sion, Murray was often viewed as an "oddball" and a "grizzled old crank," but looks were deceiving.

Golly, yes! Murray was definitely grizzled... but few knew that he was a retired United States Air Force Officer and a pilot with multiple ratings, certifications which he proudly displayed to Mayor "Ham" Andon in his offices at the old Village Hall on Sunset Avenue a quarter of a century ago.

Murray had been a regular at Village Board meetings in the old days, quietly sitting in the center of the back row with his galoshes and folded New York Times beneath his seat. If he rose to speak, it was often to complain about what he considered a program of harrassment by the local police, and in truth... remember this was "the bad old days..." there were two sworn officers, with command's tacit ap­prov­al, who liked to race their squad cars past Murray's house late at night or shine their spotlights in his windows.

Yes, he could be aggravating... his sensibilities of "Right and Wrong" were from an earlier time with which fewer and fewer were familiar, and the mean-spirited acts against him were likely the price of his idiosyncrasies.

But he was a friendly sort, and could converse on all manner of topics, and as things improved in Westhampton Beach, Murray (and I and many others) appreciated it... whenever we cut one another's trail (usually at the 7-Eleven), I hadn't heard a gripe from him in ages.

Our Village will be a little less interesting for his passing.


1. Lorelei said...

He will be missed.

I hadn't seen Murray for the past several weeks, but thought of him Wednesday when I awoke... nothing specific, just an image of him in conversation.

It wasn't really weird or supernatural... he had probably passed away a week or so before the police found him last Friday... just a coincidence that he popped into my mind.
– Dean

2. Rudy Lavazoli said...

Hi. Does anyone know if this Murray C. Frank ever lived in Babylon. Thanks.

Dunno... and there's no one anymore around to ask.

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