Demos running low on funds?

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Demos running low on funds?

Republican Congressional hopeful George Demos' most recent Campaign Finance Report is dated April 15th and reveals that five weeks ago the challenger had in his coffers $1,271,946.98 after expenditures totaling $964,808.02.

Hardly an unhealthy figure, especially compared to GOP designee Lee Zeldin's "cash on hand" $410,746.08.

But then Zeldin has spent only $192,425.78 of his overall war chest of $603,171.86, which includes monies carried over from his successful runs for New York State Senate.

For his part, Demos has been spending money like a Dem­o­crat on Capitol Hill, and his funds may be starting to look as low as a current California resevoir... all those mailings and television spots and telephonic "conferences" are starting to add up.

Yesterday's mail brought a fund-raising request, over faux-Conservative Republican Rudy Giuliani's signature, for the Demos campaign.

(Conspicuously missing from the solicitation are any attacks on Zeldin.)

Funniest language of the Rudy-gram:

"You have my personal assurances that George is a solid Conservative Republican...."

What exactly are "personal assurances" from Rudy Giuliani worth?

He's probably hoping that no one asks Regina Peruggi or Donna Hanover.


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