<i>Jack's</i> back...

Monday, May 19, 2014

Jack's back...

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...in a big way and this has made Monday evenings a great deal more interesting for the past three weeks!

After a hiatus of four years... remember this is a series whose primary conceit was that it takes place in "real time" as the omnipresent digital clock ticking on screen always reminded us... hard case Jack Bauer has "intercepted intel that there will be an assassination attempt on President Heller."

And with that, "24 Live Another Day" hit the Fox Network running, breathlessly, pulse-poundingly, lethally!

I'm liking it... a lot! When it ran for eight seasons (2001-2010), I never missed an episode, but wasn't all that sad to see it run its course on May 24, 2010.

Mary Lynn Rajskub as "Chloe O'Brian"

Perhaps the character from whom I had the greatest affection was Chloe O'Brian who is also back, but in a different function and with a whole new look... still pouty, but it looks like she's spent the inter­vening four years skin-popping heroin in a Berlin rath­skeller communing with nihilists.

No matter... she and Jack are back with several other familiar faces plus some new ones, and we race forward to see what we shall see, because if we learned anything from the previous 192 hours, anyone can not only die at any time, anyone (except Jack) can change sides in the never-ending battle against terrorism.


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