<i>Sollicitatio Precox</i>

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sollicitatio Precox

We received the extensive menu for Red Fortune, the new Oriental restaurant at 141 Montauk Highway1 in the mail yesterday and were immediately struck by three things:

  1. While the "coming soon" sign earlier this year ad­vis­ed that it would be "Japanese Cuisine," that has been amended to add "Chinese."
  2. The large format paper menu could have been from any strip mall Chinese take-out joint... cf: Chinatown on Old Riverhead Road.
  3. Some of the listed entrees... particularly Orange Chicken... reminded me of Johnny Chih's best of­fer­ings, and the prices were highly attractive.

We're not Jewish and this isn't Nassau County, but it was Sunday night so we resolved to check it out!

Arriving at 6:20, we followed another car in, a single gal with one of those menus rolled Joe Chapis-style in her hand who, by the time we'd exited the Speir-mobile, was already exit­ing the building.

"Closed!" she announced. "Not opening 'til tomorrow."


We immediately got set about to leave but before we could two other vehicles arrived containing a total of three about-to-be-disappointed diners.

Six potential dinners in under five minutes... could've been the makings of a promising launch for Red Fortune's maiden voyage.

We'll go back... some of the menu demands it... but tonight we did our traditional warmer weather Sunday supper: Post Stop Café for Jeanne's Cranberry Turkey Burger served with crispy crinkle-cut fries!

The best!

  1. Née Papa Joe's... hey there, Frank Biscardi... and most recently Jonesy's.


1. Scarlett said...

Can you say "Not ready for prime time in Westhampton Beach?" They misprinted their primary 'phone number on the front, and had to manually change it with a felt tip pen on everyone menu they mailed out!

Yeah, I saw that... ouch! At least they caught the error before it was mailed.

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