Donald Sterling heads to court

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Donald Sterling heads to court

Three weeks ago few knew the name of Donald T. Sterling (née Tokowitz), and now he's a leading candidate for "Most Hated Man in America" thanks to a media-driven campaign assault on the 80-year-old Los Angeles Clippers' owner.

OtBB took note of the hubbub when it blew up, and while the furor over his "racist rant" has faded from the front page, the fall-out from that event has entered the next stage.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver quickly announced un­prec­edented sanctions against Sterling...

  • Banned for life from any association with his Clippers team or the NBA.
  • A fine of $2.5 million, the maximum amount allowed under the NBA Constitution.
  • A forced sale of the team.

...about as draconian as it could get, because California Penal Law frowns upon Sterling being dragged into an alley behind the Staples Center and stomped like a rodent in a rest room.

While Silver was lining up other team owners behind him, Sterling did some television news shows to express his sincere apologies for the fire storm his words had caused, to ask for forgiveness and dig a deeper hole for himself by providing some damaging sound bites.

Now that his Los Angeles Clippers have been eliminated from the play-offs and there being no immediate danger of a fans or players boycott, Sterling has directed his laywers to tell Silver to stick it!

And more power to him... not for nothing, but he's taken on the NBA in the past and beaten them1... I cannot defend his words or his beliefs, but they are his and he expressed them in a private 'phone conversation to a gal pal. (Some pal!)

For this Silver and the rest of the NBA wants to fine him mightily, prohibit him for life from any NBA activity, including attending games or league meetings!

Sterling didn't take to the airwaves to express his views, and nowhere did he even use "The 'N' Word."

Nor is he a whip-wielding Simon Legree imposing his malev­o­lent will upon a group of under-fed and impoverished blacks on his hardwood plantation.

(The Clippers payroll for this past season totalled $73,049,774, led by Chris Paul's $18,668,431!)

What's really at work here is Political Correctitude at the direction of the Thought Police, and it stinks!

In the Dark Ages as most of Europe was slowly being con­verted to Christianity by a mace-wielding Church of Rome, it was believed that pagan witches could not drown, so a manner in finding out if someone was a witch was to repeatedly dunk them in water2.

Not surprisingly, everyone drowned meaning they were not a witch... a tough way to clear one's name, but O well!

Yeah, Donald Sterling is an old fool who lusted and trusted unwisely, and harbors some distasteful views.

But before the other NBA owners start dunking him or burning him at the stake, they would be wise to remember the words of Lutheran pastor Martin Niemöller.

  1. In 1984 Sterling moved the Clippers from San Diego to Los Angeles. But he failed to seek the NBA's approval for the relocation and the league fined him $25 million. Sterling sued them for $100 million and only dropped the suit when the league agreed to reduce his fine to $6 million and allow the team to stay in L.A.
  2. This practice continued well into the Salem Witch period.


1. Dhonna Goodale said...

Mr. Spear{sic} I have something for you. Something good.

Don't be a tease... whatcha got?

2. Champ19 said...

I could not agree with you more, Dean. Not defending Sterling, but frankly I didn't think what he said was racist. As you say, he didn't even use the "N" word. And what business is it of anybody what his private thoughts are. The NBA is headed down a slippery slope if Sterling's thoughts result in the confiscation of his property. As for the media "outrage" I never heard anyone suggest a boycott of the shows of "The Motor City Madman (moron)" Ted Nugent as a result of his thinly disguised racist public rants towards the President of the United States.

Regarding that "slippery slope," I'd think that some of the other owners would be a little apprehensive about this path, but so far only Mark Cuban has expressed any reservations.

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