Setting back the cause of...

Friday, May 16, 2014

Setting back the cause of...

...not just blondes but their entire gender while they are at it, this Dallas, Texas-based knock-off of ABC's wildly popular hen-fest "The View" carrying on about the most notorious "Kiss" since Rodin's sculpture was unveiled in 1889.

Lisa Pinero, supposedly in charge of "The Broadcast," quickly lost control of the show as everyone had a strongly-held opinion... even if they were unable to fully or accurately articulate it.

Favorite sound bite, courtesy of Courtney Kerr:

"...comes across as being racist towards homo­sexuals1...."

(Ms, Kerr, until two years ago a "retail shop girl," ap­parently spent the entirety of her biology and social studies schooling crossing and uncrossing her legs.)

Actually, after sorting out the screeching voices as best I could, I think the one of the quartet that made the most valid points on the larger issue2 was the older gal, Suzie Humphreys, second from the right.

  1. In fairness, if Yogi Berra had said that....
  2. Cf: Orwell's "Thought Police."


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