Saddest story of the day

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Saddest story of the day

From Longview, Texas by way of USA Today:

Woman in her 30s faked age to enroll in high school

School photo of Charity Anne Johnson

Charity Anne Johnson, age variously given as 31 or 35, enrolled at New Life Christian School last October as 15-year-old "Charite Stevens."

Ratted out by a housemate, Ms. Johnson was arrested by police for providing a false identity and was sent to jail with a $500 bond.

According to principal Stuart Newlin, "She acted like a respectful student and did good work. She had good grades."

The news report continues:

"It remains unclear why Johnson lied about her age and enrolled as a high-school student."

Just a wild-arsed guess... she was hoping to get an education as opposed to the usual alternatives, slinging dope or peddling her butt?


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