Swimming Pools!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Swimming Pools!

It's not that I hate them, it's just that I don't understand the requirement for them... particularly when one has a home on Dune Road... with the Atlantic Ocean right here!

Wanna take a dip? There's the ocean, never far away. And when we were kids, we swam in the bay and never once were inconvenienced by typhus, polio or horseshoe crabs.

Thought of this with a headline on today's 27East:

Southampton ZBA Approves Front-Yard Pool – Again

"The Southampton Town Zoning Board of Appeals has once again approved a variance for a Bridgehampton property owner to allow a swimming pool to be con­structed in what is defined as the front yard of the home, despite town code precluding front-yard pools."

While I have not been actively following this case, it's one of interest I've noted over the past five years, through the succession of denials, approvals and appeals because it was too often a contentious issue here in Westhampton Beach.

As a matter of historical note, the year before I came onto the Village ZBA, an applicant who was twice denied a swim­ming pool in one of the subdivisions South of Stevens Lane and went ahead and built one anyway, was forced by New York State Supreme Court to remove his illegal pool, no means an inexpensive undertaking.

And in my almost eleven years on the ZBA, I'm proud that we were particularly tough on the standards of proof for those appearing before us seeking variances for swimming pools, front yard or not.

And it was my riposte to one applicant whose basic argu­ment was, "C'mon, this is The Hamptons... everybody has a pool," that set the tone of my six-year Chairmanship of the ZBA:

"It has never been established by any court that there is a Riparian Right to build a swimming pool just because one is in "The Hamptons.""

I can certainly understand the distress of those property owner's in Bridgehampton who opposed on eminently rational grounds the approval of the swimming pool in Janet Finkel's front yard.


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