A harbinger of the warmer season...

Friday, May 09, 2014

A harbinger of the warmer season...

...and it couldn't have occured soon enough for me 'n' Jeanne! Sandy Patterson's back and The Post Stop Café reopened this evening with genial Rob Sheldon on the stick.

So we once again have a destination one night each week­end through the end of October.

We were not alone in rejoicing at its return... we got there at 6:20 and the barroom was SRO as all the regulars had a lot of catching up to do .

Rob and Sandy

It's been one of the prob­lems in the area over the past several years... after Halloween, there's been damned few places to eat affordably, and no place where Jeanne can get a good great Cranberry Turkeyburger.

And there's nobody who serves crispy waffle fries the way The Post Stop does!

Over the Winter it's been pretty grim, especially with both Mahogany's (née Jack and Diane's) in Speonk and Jonesy's having gone tap, leaving The Triangle in Eastport and New Moon Café in East Quogue, each of which seem like real schlepps when it's already dark at 5:30 pm.

So Sandy, Robb... great to see ya!


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