Junior Palmer's mess updated

Monday, May 05, 2014

Junior Palmer's mess updated

The posting of this entry was delayed because as I was literally about to hit the send key the 'phone rang and I found an exercised Trustee Charles Palmer Jr. on the other end of the line.

We had a (mostly one-sided) conversation as the subject of today's earlier blog felt the need to:

  • Set the record, as he sees it, straight.
  • Castigate the blogger for "defamatory innuendo" and "too much negativity."
  • Explain that he and the blogger both want some of the same things for the Village.
  • Complain that he has to play $2000 in taxes on his annual $5700 stipend as Trustee.
  • Blame me for more people unwilling to stand for public office.

Junior felt that this morning's blog unfairly cast him in a poor light because the pool liner had been placed on the edge of his property line late on Saturday afternoon, by a contractor from Brookhaven Town unfamiliar with "how things worked out here."

It was pointed out that the inital cell' 'phone photo and text message had arrived during the noon hour, but he was un­daunted in his attempts to "spin" the matter, adding that after the police contacted him, he borrowed a truck on Sunday and disposed on the old pool liner somewhere else... which is what he intended to do all along.

Junior was on a roll and it was impressive that in his dis­quietude he managed to stay reasonable articulate... under similar circumstances, fellow Trustee Hank Tucker would have, and has, devolved into a blithering Ralph Kramden-esque "Hummana, hummana, hummana."

So props to Junior for keeping some of his composure.


But back to the initial subject of this entry:

Here's upper Liberty Street at 3:55 pm today... yes the un­seemly (and illegal) pool liner was gone, but the branches are still there awaiting pick-up by, according to Junior himself, the De­part­ment of Public Works.

"I'll have to see if John (Kearns) will do it," Junior said.

Well, that might be a problem; from the current home page of the Village's website, under "Notice to Residents of Westhampton Beach Leaf and Brush Pick Up:"

"The Village of Westhampton Beach Department of Public Works will begin the Spring brush pick up on April 7th. Leaves and brush may be put out at curbside in separate piles during the month of April and up until May 1st. DO NOT place your leaves and brush on the road! This is a serious traffic concern. ... Small branches cannot exceed three (3) feet in length and three (3) inches in diameter."

(Red highlights added.)

He's missed the May 1st cutoff, and when I mentioned that the "three feet" restriction was in question, he was in­cred­u­lous that I was "out there measuring my branches."

(Of course I wasn't... except the two photos I took myself, all of this came from others.)

And while the point I several times raised about public officials and Caesar's Wife, a tale with which Junior pro­fessed familiarity, it seemed to not resonate with him.

(I didn't even get into the "With priviledge comes responsibility" one.)

O, well....


1. EastEnd68 said...

If John Kearns makes an exception for Junior, why not make an exception for all residents. Did you ask about the bedding?

  • Precisely! But then I think that Superintendent Kearns, in the interest of the betterment of the Village, is probably flexible in that regard. In case you haven't noticed, he does a top notch job.
  • No, I did not inquire about "the bedding." Or whether he was caught cheating on some sort of test. Or anything else of that nature... as I said, he was very exercised, and it was difficult to get a word, let alone a cogent question, in.
  • I don't think it's a requirement that he show his DD-214 to run for Village office.
Look, the man has already served the Village for two years... the important stuff is how he's served the Village, not so much how he got here.

2. EastEnd68 said...

Agree about John.

He is one of the Village's more valuable assets.

3. First Hampton said...

While driving down Liberty Street on Saturday 5/3/14, I saw Charlie and what appeared to be a Latino helper, drag a huge vinyl item across his front lawn and out into the street, where it was left.

The "contractor" he referenced must have rode to his house on a bicycle from a Brookhaven 7-11....

O my! Busted again, Junior!

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