The old ways die hard for Junior Palmer...

Monday, May 05, 2014

The old ways die hard for Junior Palmer...

Liberty Street it's not because he's a Westhampton Beach Trustee and feels that rank hath its priviledges. He was doing this sort of thing well before he was ever elected.

The photo arrived Saturday afternoon with the accom­panying text message:

"In front of Charlie Palmer's house in the street. I guess since he's a Trustee he thinks the rules don't apply to him."
Liberty Street on Saturday afternoon

Upon personal inspection, the heap(s) piled in front of the Palmer house on Liberty Street consisted of twigs, branches and a miscellaneous pool liner in terminal disrepair... ap­par­ently all intended by Junior to be disposed of at tax­payer expense.

(And he's running for reëlection?)

The local police were notified and by mid-Monday morning, the mess had been removed... by whom was not known.

According to one of Junior's neighbors, this is one of the Trustee's particular pathologies:

"He used to sneak his own household garbage out after dark Sunday evenings and put it in the neighbor's container because the neighbor paid for pick-up. That stopped when the neighbors sold their house and moved."

It's all part of Junior Palmer's long established profile as a "mooch."


1. Scarlett said...

He's always been a "moocher," so this is no shock! I think it's what caused his early separation from the Air Guard... something about GI bed linens and blankets.

And he'll win again in June because he's (so far) running unopposed!

"GI bed linens and blankets?" Share, share!

2. EastEnd68 said...

Years ago rumor had it that some bedding found it's way off base.

I've heard that as well... but rumor is just that.

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