Nets nearly robbed by ref's blown call

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Nets nearly robbed by ref's blown call

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Still a Knicks fan here, but they're all out pampering their over-paid selves at night clubs with fancy ladies or hanging out and chillin' with their homies in the 'hood.

So, since I bear them no malice and actu­ally used to attend their home games in the Island Garden Arena 45 years ago, I've been following the Brooklyn (née New Jersey out of New York) Nets this post season out of general ennui and also because my wife is a huge fan of Nets' coach Jason Kidd.

Additionally, I am fascinated by how Nets' owner Mikhail Prokhorov and General Manager Billy King have constructed this team, an unlikely mix of muscular young African-American guards, aging (a combined 27 years in the NBA between them!) African-American forwards, and some huge-yet-agile Eastern European Caucasian front court players who compliment the team very nicely!

This season, while the Knicks were spectacularly under­performing, the Nets recovered from a slow start and made the play-offs as the eighth seed in the East for the first time since the 2006-07 season.

This afternoon the Nets were in Toronto playing the Raptors in game seven of the opening round, and had taken over in the second half 'til the host team made run in the final minutes.

Leading by one point with 8.8 seconds remaining, Brooklyn used its final timeout after failing to inbound the ball. On the second try Shaun Livingston tried a lob pass to Paul Pierce, but the Raptors' Terrence Ross got a hand on the ball and while in mid-air over the end court line, slammed it off Pierce and out of bounds for a turnover.

Ross' acrobatic play

The ball was turned over to Toronto with 6.2 seconds remaining but when Paul Pierce blocked Kyle Lowry's driving shot from the lane, the Nets had their victory and Pierce had redeemed himself!

But wait... and here's where the referees almost cost the Nets their season: Pierce was clearly out-of-bounds when the ball hit him, so the last player to touch it in play, was Ross. The ball should have been awarded to the Nets!

(Check to high angle view in the video replay!)

I'm not about to pitch a major bitch about it 'cause the Nets won anyway, but it was b-a-a-a-d officiating, and we've seen far too much of that of late.


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