Thank your Higher Power...

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Thank your Higher Power...

...for the likes of first West Texas rancher Cliven Bundy and now Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, a couple of old (mean age 74) white males who have failed to evolve with the times and expressed some decidedly politically incorrect views.

Over the past week the two men have all but driven Russia, the Ukraine, Al-Qaeda, Malaysian Flight 370 and the drought in California from what passes as "news" today.

(The salient feature of the Sterling story for me was that it all originated with the repulsive TMZ site!)

Adam Silver

Listen to Adam Silver, looking for all the world like a penis with ears and wire-rimmed glasses, for his first big test as commissioner of the National Basketball Association, flex a mighty muscle yesterday, and then take questions from a frenzied media.

(How 'bout that aging airhead Lisa Guerrero, currently stringing for Inside Edition, trying to bring Sterling's being "a slumlord" into the mix.)

The media is treating the Sterling audio as the biggest story in America since Clinton/Lewinski!


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