Made us right at home

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Made us right at home

It is well-known that Mrs. Speir and I are dog people and to that end we harbor a pair of rescue dogs, "Gracie" from Brookhaven Animal Shelter and "Rosco" who we retrieved from the Riverhead version.

And if ever anyone considered dog-ownership a conceit of some sort, the value of our pair during Hurricane Superstorn Sandy should put paid to that cock-eyed notion.

Without the pups... 60 or so pounds apiece... to pull into our bed during the dozen evenings we were with­out heat and power, Jeanne and I are maybe not seen again 'til after the Spring thaw... and only then after we are laid out in one of Gordon Werner's parlors.

More than companionship during that first bleak fort­night of November 2012, they provided a substantial amount of heat which at my age1, I deem critical to my well-being and comfort.

In preparation for our brief excursion to warm and sunny Florida. after dropping our pair off at East End Boarding Kennels, the house to which I returned seemed cold and empty without their presence, which phenomenon Jeanne also remarked on when she got home that evening.


Following a visit with my cousin Steve where currently the only fauna are myriad miscellaneous salamanders and that $^%#*& mocking bird, we relocated several hours SouthWest to Jeanne's sister's modest crib on Marco Island that she and her husband Jimmy share with their Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, "Hunter" and "Harley."

Now I am ordinarily not disposed toward "little" dogs2 and anything with "Toy" or "Minature" in the breed name has no shot with me!

My experience is that such dogs are high-strung, aloof, "yappy" and good only for biting ankles and, if they are long-haired enough, moving dust balls from one place to another.

Hunter and Harley

"Hunter" and "Harley," how­ever, are in the process of causing me to rethink my bias against those classes of canines in the fly­weight and light­weight divisions because these two are terrific and then some even though they go perhaps 40 pounds between them.

No sooner had I situated myself on the living room couch, then they leaped up beside me and proceeded to lave my face3 and ears with studious and enthusias­tic attention.

They won me over in a thrice, and I can hereinafter state with only minor qualification, "Dogs is good!"

  1. I am nearing the age of Groucho Marx when, at a post-exile reception at Lincoln Center, Charlie Chaplin learned over and told him, "Stay warm!"
  2. In fact, anything under 45 pounds on the paw need not apply!
  3. And not because I'd had ribs for dinner!


1. Paramarine said...

Footnote 2 captures my feelings on the subject concisely.

After flying back from Fort Myers yesterday, I have 700-800 well-chosen words on the subject of "little dogs" that I need to expurgate before I mount them on OtBB.

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