When this song was popular...

Friday, April 25, 2014

When this song was popular...

...and I used to bop about the house warbling in my (as yet unchanged) 10 year old voice:

"Tra-la-la, tweedlee dee dee it gives me a thrill
To wake up in the morning to the mockin' bird's trill"

...I hadn't the faintest idea what a mocking bird sounded like!

Now, after a couple of mornings waking up in my cousin Steve's home in Port Charlotte to the sound of that trill, it doesn't sound anything like that of Patti Page, and it's a good thing for Mr. Mocking Bird that I couldn't find that .410 shotgun my host has stashed away!

Oppressive and in the words of Stan Freberg, "too piercing!"


1. Ronnie said...

Be happy you can still hear at your age!!

Whattaya talkin' about? For years now, my most frequently asked question has been "Huh?"

2. Hampton West said...

"Mockers" come North – they will be all over the Pine Barrens in about three weeks - if it ever warms up.

Indeed! Put my sherpa-hoodie on when we changed planes in Bal'mur, and was damned glad of it when we landed in Islip!

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