Memo to Mrs. Kabot...

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Memo to Mrs. Kabot...

The words of W.C. Fields are especially appropriate for you at this time:

"Don't be a luddy-duddy! Don't be a moon-calf! Don't be a jabber-nowl! You're not those, are you?"

Make the freakin' appointment to your un­expired seat of the Southampton Town Board already!

You are reported on as saying:

"Its tough having a four member town board. We had our first tie vote on Friday, two to two."

O, for the love of the memory of Marty Lang, stop whining! Don't make the taxpayers of Southampton Town foot the bill for a need­less and expensive "Special Election" just because you may have made some political promises which you have discovered that you cannot realistically deliver, and are hoping to save some face within the Town GOP.

On balance, Dan Russo was the most articulate and compelling candidate in last Fall's Town Board contest, and as a penis-encumbered first-timer in the "Year of We Are Women Hear Us Roar!" campaign, he still finished third by only 195 votes out of 25,410 cast.

You desperately need to mend some fences within your party... the 2009 General Election isn't that far off for you, and Mr. Russo would go a long way in a "make nice" gesture, and yet be an acceptable and agreeable choice to most within the Town... the man has no "bag­gage," and who presently in office can make that claim with a straight face?

Additionally, unless you wait 'til it's w-a-a-a-y too late, whoever is appointed to that fifth seat on the Town Board, would have to stand again in this November's General Election ("off-year" in the Town) to formally fill out the final year of the four-year term to which you were elected in 2005.

(Yeah, I know... pundits are speculating that 2008's Democratic tsunami will leave many GOP office-holders as carrion for the gulls on the rocks of our shore­line, but if you start exhibiting strong, smart and decisive leadership now, South­ampton Town should remain "Reliably Republican?")

Suck it up and make that appointment, and do it now!


1. St Pat's Tim said...

Penis-encumbered? See what you can do in a blog that you could never do with a column in the Chronicle?

All hail the Internet… thank you, Al Gore!

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