So endeth me 'n' 'Elementary!'

Saturday, April 12, 2014

So endeth me 'n' 'Elementary!'

I don't consider myself a preeminent "Sherlockian," but for more than 60 years I've been an admirer of the celebrated consulting detective since my father would read to us from Arthur Conan Doyle's canon.

Despite the re-imagining of the character as an expatriate Londoner in contemporary New York City as a recovering heroin addict, and Dr. (Joan) Watson as his live-in "sober companion," I fell into the habit of watching CBS' Thursday evening "Elementary" series.

Well, after April 10th's "No Lack of Void" episode, not no mo'!

Jon Michael Hill as Detective Marcus Bell

Around the 19 minute mark as the cast regulars are discussing what they know about a possible terrorist suspect, NYPD Detective Marcus Bell says:

"These guys hate the Government in­cluding the NYPD. But they're big fans of violence and the Second Amendment."

Really? Gun owners = violence enthusiants?

That's inexcusable, even for "fans of the First Amendment!"

It's an insidious slur on those of us who do not read the Bill of Rights selectively.

The show has been removed from my DVR schedule of recordings, and writers Liz Friedman and Jeffrey Paul King have been added to my Professional Deaths prayer.


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