Everybody up for GOT!

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Everybody up for GOT!

It is on!

Game of Thrones title card

O, boy, is it ever!

I am positively tumescent at the prospect... dragons, dire­wolves, the occasional bare-breasted wench, plus the abid­ing desire to see something ghastly and endlessly painful happen to the current occupant of the Iron Throne, the little flaxen-haired sadist, Joffrey Baratheon who doesn't know that he's all Lannister, born of incestuous twins!

(I can only hope that Joffrey's comeuppance exceeds that of the molten fate meted out to Viserys Targar­yen in Season One!)

I also hope that the vagaries of true love can overcome the three arrows Ygritte sunk into Jon Snow. I do like her as well... she's a spunky one!

Tonight, Cable Channel HBO (300/800) at 9:00 pm!


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