<s>Bustin'</s> Cheering Chops!

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Bustin' Cheering Chops!

What an evolution has taken place over over the past four-five decades at 214 Mill Road right here in the Village!

I don't recall what was at that location before Eddie Dean struck out on his own... he'd been butchering for Mickey Thompson in Hampton Bays... and opened Dean's Country Market.

When Eddie decided a life of retirement and leisure was in the offing, #2 son Bryan took it over and ran it 'til he finally accepted Tino Masotto's offer and the place was renamed "Cow Palace Butcher Shop" under new ownership.

Now manager and partner Justin DeMarco has become the sole proprietor, and the new sign... pending regulatory approval, of course... will read "Justin's Chop Shoppe."

(Let no one mistake it as an outlet for stolen auto parts!)

Catchy, Justin, very catchy! And as I told you 27 months ago, turn your cap around, get to work and Westhampton Beach can be your oyster!

Best of luck to you!


1. Oldpartimer said...

Well deserved, Justin! He is doing a great job. He has been a welcomed addition to our community. As Billy "Quack Quack" would say "CHOP CHOP!!!"

Jeez, I saw a Robin Red Breast pulling worms on the front lawn this week... can Walter William Thorne Jr. be far behind?

2. Hampton West said...

I've been in the shop; the service is great.

My wife asked for fresh ground lamb - there was none, just frozen. But the fellow behind the counter simply said, "Wait a minute, I'll grind you up what you need right now." 60 seconds later, done, and nice quality.

So much for the Waldbaum's meat section!!!

Indeed! Not on a bet... on the infrequent times I'm been in Waldbaum's over the past decade, their meat department has never been one of my stops!

3. Mrs Genetics said...

I remember Katrinka's Deli in the present Sushi 1 location, where for a quarter one could procure a bag of popcorn and a Fresca, complete with cyclamate. Hamburger Choo Choo was somewhere between there and Cherbone's, but I can't recall what was at 214.

Nor I... but I believe that Hamburger Choo Choo was in what is now Bun 'n' Burger. If not, it was what later became Kara's.
– Dean

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