Aw, for the love of Edward R....

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Aw, for the love of Edward R....

...Morrow and Walter Cronkite! I knew that NBC faked reports like this, but CBS, too?

CBS Apologizes For "Audio Error" Of A Loud Car Engine Dubbed Over Tesla Footage

"CBS issued an apology today for footage of Tesla car that had been dubbed over with the sound of a tradi­tional engine...."

So the "60 Minutes" was faked... why? To what purpose?

My distrust of all things NBC News is well-known and thor­oughly documented, from the faked footage of the ex­plod­ing gas tank in a GM truck to the fraudulently edited tape of the George Zimmerman 9-1-1 call, the broadcaster is out-and-out dishonest and none of its information is to be trusted.

I had higher hopes for CBS, but I just don't understand why the News Division thought that the footage of the Tesla re­quired any sort of "enhancement."

The whole concept of "news footage" is that it is what it is, the unvarnished truth, so to speak!


1. Mrs Genetics said...

My guess is someone wanted to accentuate the point that the car is fast, 0-60 in 4 seconds if I remember the segment correctly.

Assuming arguendo that your supposition is valid, two questions must be addressed:
  1. When did Tesla cars start emphasizing performance over the "green" features?
  2. When did it become the job of news organizations to shill a manufacturer's product?
I'm disgusted.
– Dean

2. Paramarine said...

It's an inconsequential observation, but the above reply would mark the only place I've ever seen "arguendo" used outside of a published appellate opinion.

It's more concise... one word instead of five... than the more common alternative.

I take it that it made you laugh.

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