Not just the worst this year…

Friday, January 25, 2008

Not just the worst this year…

...but arguably this Millennium!

We're talkin' Margot at the Wedding on view this weekend at PAC!

(It makes one think fondly of the season of the Chinese lesbians.)

How bad was it? Three times during the seem­ing­ly interminable 93 minutes run time I al­most bolted, and in my entire movie-going ex­perience, even encom­passing the better part of a decade during which I attended 250-280 films a year, I've only walked out of one (1!) movie... Mother's Day!

The end credits afford a nod to Town of South­ampton and Hampton Bays Fire Department... I can but suggest that they demand that their names be removed from the movie entirely!

My apologies if I caused anyone to attend this rubbish!


1. vel said...

Tell us how you really feel about this movie. Congrats on the wedding to both you and Jeanne. Can't wait to we can celebrate properly with a touch of Mount Gay Rum.

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