Awww, for cryin' out loud!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Awww, for cryin' out loud!

Earlier this week when I saw the hysterical Chinese woman being forcibly carried from a news conference, one she and a swarm of other relatives of the missing Malay­sia Airlines passengers has literally crashed into, I was incredulous!

"Exactly what does she think she was going to accom­plish? Wailing and screaming and carrying on like that?"

"I think it's a cultural thing," my wife suggested.

"Cultural thing?" Perhaps from a mother throwing herself onto the coffin of a child killed by gang violence in Chicago or South Central Los Angeles, but in Beijing?

Missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370: families' anger overflows

My familiarity with the mores and traditions of the people in that part of the world is non-existant, but what do they want the Malay government to do that isn't being done?

What are the bases of the charges of "concealing the truth" and "making fools" (of the families)?

(Honestly, I was spoofing current journalism last Sunday when I speculated how the tabloids might approach the story.)

Or this from earlier today?

"Government of Malaysia, tell us the truth! Give us back our loved ones!"

Where could the grieving families possibly think their relatives, or their remains, are being held?

"The Malaysian government is deceiving us. They don't dare to face us. The Malaysian government are the biggest murderers."

Okay, so there's some serious trust issues with Govern­ment on the other side of the planet as well.

But for all the grief and uncertainty resulting from the dis­appearance of Flight 370, it seems there's a great deal more irrationality at work as well.


1. Crabby said...

What an insensitive schmuck you are, Speir.

Not everyone is a cold, stoic Scotsman.

Thank you! I'll err on that side of the line rather than the side of the hysterical and irrational.

2. Tom's Mom said...

Hats off to the "stoic Scotsman."

Thumbs down to Crabby's comment. The name obviously describes the person.

  1. Thank you... but shouldn't that be "a top o'the tam?"
  2. That 'Net name was Crabby's own choosing, and I suspect there's a certain amount if self realization at work.

3. Crabby said...

It's a free country, Tom's Mom.

Speir, no doubt, is pleased with your defense.

Yup, Crabby is a shoe that fits, and I wear it.

Where I draw the line is deciding how other humans should deal with grief. I would hate to be a family member of that flight's manifest.

Maybe your family's way of dealing with death and uncertainty is different. How would they deal with your disappearance/death? Would they celebrate? (Granted, there's always the possibility it was a media-fueled-and-financed-fake-photo op to make their piece more dramatic.)

Best regards....

Speir is delighted, of course... been doing celebratory back-flips ever since.

You are absolutely correct... everyone handles their grief differently. But the sort of out-of-control hysteria exhibited in that instance is inexcusable, and accomplishes nothing more than make others feel worse!
– Dean

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