Anyone else catch 'Loredana, Esq.?'

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Anyone else catch 'Loredana, Esq.?'

One place I never expected Donald MacPherson and George Guldi to show up was on The Sundance Channel (cable channel 192) in a show about a former Los Angeles Police Officer-turned-lawyer!

"Loredana, Esq.," launched Monday evening, is an LA-based "reality show" featuring criminal defense attorney Loredana Nesci who, aside from her quick legal accumen, has upper arms that would make female Michelle Obama admirers take notice.

One of the cases featured concerned Lorri Moore, a big-eyed, long-haired bottle blonde of a certain age who, for reasons not quite clear, gave MacPherson her Social Security number with which he was somehow able to acquire four pieces of "Hamptons real estate" with a total value of "$5,000,000."

(Law office amanuensis Goeff Blain's assessment of Moore: "She's an idiot.")

Nesci's groundwork in preparing a defense for Moore began with checking into MacPherson:

"I've aleready looked at him a little bit. The guy's very well respected... but there's some fetishism stuff."

(Really?, #1, and, #2, Do ya think?)

Later she concludes that she's been looking at some "shady people."

In a 'phone call to an unidentified co-conspirator back in Suffolk County, described as a mortgage lender, he admits "we bumped up her (Moore's) credit score a little bit," but refers further questions to "my manager, Don MacPherson."

The timing of the cablecast material must've come from 2008, before the early 2009 indictments of MacPherson, his wife, Guldi, Dustin Dente1 and Ethan Ellner2 because Moore flies East to appear before a Suffolk County Grand Jury, which action ultimately cleared her of criminal charges, but not of ditziness.

MacPherson and Guldi, of course, are still in jail despite the former's assertion to NY Daily News in an "exclusive interview:"

"Nothing was done illegally or improperly."


The debut show in the series is available on-line.

  1. Being Dustin J. Dente who resigned his license to practice law on February 2010, and was barred by from seeking reinstatement for at least seven years.
  2. Being Ethan E. Ellner was disbarred a second time in June 2010.


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