Thursday, March 13, 2014


In last week's report on the Westhampton Beach Village Board meeting, OtBB incorrectly asserted that Village Police Officer Joeseph Pesapane's suspension continued but with pay.

This was inaccurate.

In this morning's Southampton Press Western Edition, mirrored on 27East, correspondent Carol Moran does her best to explain why Officer Pesapane's unpaid suspension remains in force.

It's a daunting task because no one involved can or will speak substantively on the record as it's a personnel issue.

But reading between the lines Ms. Moran does such an excellent job of mapping for her readers, why the sus­pension continues past the statutory "30 days without pay," per New York State public employees law, it appears that it's because the Officer's side is responsible for the delay in resolving the disciplinary matter, not the Village.

OtBB regrets its error.


1. EastEnd68 said...

Only your first mistake.

You're too kind.

My two biggest mistakes in OtBB's 6½-year run were the results of relying on previously reliable sources. But in fairness, Pesapane's three prior suspensions and the interminable one by miscreant handgun actor Michael Bruetsch, in each instance protracted because of defense delays and still-unexplained pusillanimity by a majority of the then reigning Trustees, both sucked on the Village's teet seemingly forever.
– Dean

2. Ina Betterplace said...

There is, he said, an inverse correlation between the amount of power a person has and the level at which his or her mind functions. A person of ordinary intelligence who acquires power, of whatever kind, tends to develop an exaggerated view of his own capabilities. Sycophants gather. There is little or no criticism of decisions. As his ability to disrupt the lives of others advances, these tendencies become stronger. Eventually you end with Louis the Fourteenth, who thinks he's done a good job for France, although the country he left behind was ruined.

What a spot-on definition of Ray Dean as he pulls the wings off another fly: Joe Pesapane.

One of the more erudite, and at the same time most puzzling, Comments in the history of OtBB. It invites further elucidation.
– Dean

3. Charlie said...

Elucidating further........

I nominate Ina Betterplace for inclusion in the Hall of Fame of Extraordinary OtBB Replies.

Seconded and carried by acclaim. We eagerly await more.

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