Can you say 'pandering?'

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Can you say 'pandering?'

What else would the National Basketball Association's league-wide promotion, Éne•bé•a Noche Latina, observed earlier this month when the Knicks visited Chicago?

Special Noche Latina jerseys

(But shouldn't the home team's jerseys more properly have read "Los Toros?")

Certainly Major League basabool (per Chico Escuela) has been dominated over the past three decades by Hispanic players, primarily from Venezuela and the Dominican Republic, but at last count there were less than three dozen NBA players from the entirety of South American and the Caribbean Basin, less than that of the countries of Germany, Russia, Lithuania and Serbia combined.

It's not even about the marketing of the game to a Latino audience, it's about the marketing of "gear."

Suppose the National Hockey League ran a similar program?

That means that NBC's Sunday afternoon game would have featured Detroit's Alas Rojos a Neuva York Guardabosques.

I cringe!


1. Jeanne Speir said...

Ha, yes, and instead of honking horns, they could most appropriately holler:

"nnGOOOOOOOOAAAAL!" borrow from the world sport of Futbol.

Huzzah, Seior Speir, you may be onto something here.
Well, even a blind squirrel sometimes gets eaten by an owl.

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