March Village Board Meeting

Thursday, March 06, 2014

March Village Board Meeting

So I missed the last several meetings of the West­hamp­ton Beach Village Board... but based on personal observation and all accounts, I didn't miss much.

(Well, yes, I did miss the 30-day suspension of Village Police Officer Joseph Pesapane... yes, he's still sus­pended... but he's back on the payroll, so now it's a paid leave of absence, courtesy of the taxpayers. All his prior suspensions seem to have taught him is how to play the system to his greatest benefit.)

This evening's 1½ page agenda was dispensed with in 25 minutes, including almost ten minutes at the speakers' lectern by Simon Jorna and a homeowner from Stillwaters who wanted to know when they were getting street lighting on his lane.

Items addressed with breakneck speed included:

  • Referred a Special Exception Application for a lock­smith's shop at 143 Old Riverhead Road to the Plan­ning Board.
  • Referred Special Exception Application for Outdoor Music at Café Mambo to the Planning Board.
  • Scheduled Public Hearing for a Local Law to Override Tax Levy Limit. (Uh oh!)
  • Scheduled a Public Hearing for the 2014-15 Tenta­tive Village Budget
  • Authorized a Notice to Bidders for the Demolition of the Structure on Griffing Avenue last occupied by George Guldi.
  • Approved the 2012-13 Fiscal Year Annual Financial Statements prepaired by Satty, Levine & Ciacco, CPAs, P.C.
  • Approved the Use of Village Property, the Great Lawn, by Peconic Bay Medical Center between May 7 and 12, inclusive.
  • Approved the Use of Village Property, the Village Green, by Remsenburg Speonk Parent-Teachers Organization for Earth Day, April 22.
  • Approved the Use of Village Property, the Village Green, by the Westhampton Cultural Consortium on Thursday evenings throughout July and August for their open air concerts.
  • Approved the Use of Village Property, Rogers Beach, by HUGS, Inc.
  • Approved the Use of Village Property, the Great Lawn, by East End Little League for T-Ball and regular games.
  • Approved the Use of Village Property, the Village Green, by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation on May 17.
  • Approved Purchase of new Security Cameras from A+ Technology and Security Solutions.
  • Accepted a Proposal for Survey Services for $4,200 for the Public Works Property at 124 Old Riverhead Road.
  • Authorized a Survey Services for the Yacht Basin Property to be capped at $8,000.
  • Authorized the Purchase of Freezer Unit at a cost of $3,500 for Rogers Beach Kitchen.
  • Accept a Proposal for Services for $2,200 for Geo­technical Soil Boring at the Yacht Basin.
  • Authorized the Renewal of 2014 Café Mambo Out­door Dining Permit
  • Authorized the Renewal of 2014 Whitney's Deli Outdoor Tables, Chairs and Benches Permit
  • Authorized the Renewal of 2014 Beach Bakery Outdoor Dining Permit for five (5) tables and 22 chairs.
  • Authorized the Renewal of 2014 Beach Bakery Outdoor Music Permit for Friday and Saturday nights, with conditions including that he not ad­vertise the musical performances.
  • Authorized a Generator Annual Service Contract for $350 for semi-annual inspections.
  • Authorized the Village Engineer, Dunn and Assoc­iates, for a study for the need for a crosswalk on Po­tunk Lane at the Westhampton Country Club.
  • Accepted a Price Quote of $22,600 for Picnic Tables, location(s) not specified.

There, see what you missed!


1. Westhampton Bill said...

Glad to get your reports again. Hopefully they rid us of Pesapane this time (should have last time). We deserve more for our tax dollars.

Speaking of which, any reason we need the 10-15 police vehicles behind Village Hall when we usually have less than five active officers at a time?

  1. Thank you.
  2. I concur.
  3. That seems excessive... I'll have to make a count next time I'm up that way... after the thaw.
  4. I think five would be excessive at this point. They only have a 13 officer force last I looked.

2. EastEnd68 said...

The Press says Joe is still not being paid.

We shall see... OtBB stands by its report.

3. EastEnd68 said...

You have proven yourself correct in the past.

Well, not this time; see: Erratum.

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