On second thought...

Thursday, March 06, 2014

On second thought...

...Albany may have a problem with its Draft Mute Swan Management Plan, the deceptively entitled final solution for New York State's Cygnus olor population.

Protesters flock together to stop swan killing in New York

...which subject was discussed here January 17th. (For the record, OtBB was agin it!)

The DEC's original Webpage announcing the program has been amended to include the information that they "plan to release a revised management plan this spring."

It's not that the people have spoken...

"The draft plan was released for public comment in December 2013. By February 21, DEC had received over 1,500 comments, 16,000 protest letters and 30,000 signatures on multiple petitions."

...it's that enough people have spoken and they're rethinking their Mute Swan eradication program.

Somewhere Budd and Gerry Schulberg are smiling.


1. Lorelei said...

I like it!

So too, I daresay, the swans.

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