After Oscar Action Report

Monday, March 03, 2014

After Oscar Action Report

First full Oscar telecast I've managed in over ten years... based on last night's showing, it might be another ten years before I blow off a Sunday evening to subject myself to such a non-spectacle.

Wow, Ellen DeGeneres isn't exactly Ms. Dynamic, is she? I did, however, think her bit about trying to set a record for re-tweets was amusing.

Problem was, while she undoubtedly achieved the record she sought, she crashed Twitter doing it.

I got nothing for Twitter one way or the other, but now that she has (for now, at least) the record... it's some­where North of the one million mark... it's going to be a faddish competition like swallowing the most live goldfish or dead hot dogs.

Despite my personal rooting interest in Jennifer Lawrence and "American Hustle," the movie that scored the most Academy Awards was "Gravity," a film Jeanne and I ac­tively disliked!

There was one three minute stretch in the midst of the telecast that encapsulated the whole production for me...

It began with an incomprehensible orgy of "super hero movie" special effects cobbled together for reasons which still elude me, immediately followed by an awful 60-second commercial for Pepsi Cola Mini-Cans featuring one genuine actor (Cuba Gooding Jr.) and a bunch of actor look-a-likes-if-you-don't-look-too-closely, spouting an array of well-known movie lines.

In all, I should've stuck with "True Detective" and my regular Sunday evening viewing and not bothered to time-shift them for viewing later today.


1. Hampton West said...

Didn't watch it.

Bummed out by Mr. Hoffman's demise... what a waste of talent.

I concur. With that odd little permanent smile, he was fixed in my mind ever since his debut in the first season of "Law & Order."

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