Too Cruel!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Too Cruel!

Sent along by a former Remsenburg resident, now located in Arizona:

Tom Baker image

The accompanying message read:

"This is for all my friends back East that have had the Winter from hell. Just to let you know that we are suffering as well here."

A law that verdant in Phoenix? I don't think so!


1. Barbara Ramsay said...

Got a great chuckle out of that. Thanks....

Good! Gotta keep it light sometimes.

2. Desert Sailor said...

I will admit that most of our laws are not that verdant. There are definitely some surprisingly green areas in Phoenix. Lawns and shrubs and trees, oh my. I will admit my own lawn runs to rock and weeds but to each their own.

When I was there early in February of '90, my host explained to me why all the yards were edged with little (2"-3") berms. Homeowners weren't allowed to water their lawns, but once a week... Thursdays, as I recall... the municipality sent around a truck to dump a certain amount of water into your yard, and you needed that little berm to retain that which wasn't immediately absorbed.

That may have changed in the intervening years.
– Dean

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