Best news I've had yet this year!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Best news I've had yet this year!

This just in...

America is fed up with me: Morgan to quit CNN job

"Three years after he launched himself on an un­sus­pecting American public as a prime-time interrogator of politicians and celebrities, Piers Morgan has admitted defeat in the nightly ratings battle and plans to step down from his CNN show.

The former tabloid editor, who has transformed himself into a cable news personality, said that dwindling view­ing figures and an anti-gun campaign that alienated a vast swath of his audience had led him to conclude that his show had 'run its course.'"
Piers Morgan

In three short years, Morgan eclipsed Nancy Grace as television's most contemptible personality.


1. Ronnie said...

In Yiddish he is known as a SCHMUCK!!

Ordinarily, you'd get an "Aye that!" from me, but that appellation doesn't go far enough in covering his attitude and actions.

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