And so it starts for Zeldin...

Friday, February 21, 2014

And so it starts for Zeldin...

...not unlike the way it started for me in 2011 when I announced my candidacy for Village office.

Found this in the OtBB Comment queue this afternoon, in­tending to be appended to "George Demos' First Salvo:"


...under the name of "TruthonZeldin" with the E-dress of ""

(I immediately recalled the old aphorism about being careful when opening any E-mail from a AOL E-dress "because it might be from an AOL member!")

But not to worry on that last count; the "Confirmation" E-mail bounced... user unknown.

Yes, there is an "Independent Sentinal{sic}" Website, devoted, not surprisingly to bashing Lee Zeldin, but containing no meaningful information to identify or contact anyone associated with it.

(The "Independent Sentinel" domain name was already registered to a legitimate Long Island-based Conservative organization.)

A WhoIs search provided no information other than it had been registered through GoDaddy on February 18, 2014 for a term of one year.

(Whoever is behind this doesn't want anyone to know who they are!)

So the question is, with whom are the gutless affiliated: George Demos or, taking a longer view, Tim Bishop?

A little poking around suggests that someone in Demos' camp is behind this, given a January 3rd Sentinel piece by Sara Noble:

George Demos, Pelosi-Conservative, Is Very Bad for Long Island

"Bishop has had help in his re-election efforts from an unlikely source, George Demos, who, as a perpetual Republican candidate, spends each primary annihilating the more viable Republican candidates with scathing TV ads and interviews.

Mr. Demos, the professional candidate, has run five times in six cycles and he always loses. He sought the nomination in '04 and '06; and lost primaries in '10 and '12."

Proof positive? No, but dispositive that the fake hit site came straight out of Demos' camp.

What can be done?

  • Someone from Zeldin's campaign very directly tell Demos' people to cut the crap, and we'll see what sort of stuff Demos is made of.
  • The legal counsel for the Independent Sentinel could lodge a formal complaint with GoDaddy about fair use and the likelihood of confusion.
  • Zeldin's folks could file an unfair campaign practices complaint with the Suffolk County Board of Elections [snort!] and see what happens.

The most promising avenue to pursue would be with GoDaddy... they're a business and are more sensitive to such issues than a bunch of young Kool Aid drinkers or a bunch of political hacks in patronage jobs.

But some action should be taken.


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