This'll fix someone's economy...

Thursday, February 20, 2014

This'll fix someone's economy...

...and I have a pretty good idea of just whose economy will be improved!

This fractional advertisement is running in this morning's Southampton Press, and can be found on page A5 of the Western Edition.

Southampton Press adv.

Specifics of the event, found on 27East, are it's taking place Wednesday, March 5th, from 8:00-9:30am; at Lobster Grille Inn on Inlet Road, Southampton.

Presented under the aegis of Southampton Chamber of Commerce, the event is branded:

"Pancakes and Pundits with Town of South­amp­ton Council­man, Stan Glinka"

...with the theme of "THINK Local First" and a discussion of the "East End economy."

(All Welcome-Prepaid $20.00 –Pay at the door $25.00 [Gratuity Included] Southampton CofC.)

There should be a decent turn-out so Southampton Cham­ber's exchequer should appreciate somewhat.

But Glinka? He was just sworn in less than two months ago, and I guess it's a good idea for him to keep his head down 'til he gets the lay of the Board terrain...

(There's a joke there but I'll show uncommon restraint and pass it up.)

...but he seems not to have opened his mouth yet in his official position.

Or is this whole thing simply an early indication that he's running for a second term in 2017?


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