Memo to Alex Gregor

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Memo to Alex Gregor

Dear Southampton Town Highway Superintendent;

I understand that this Winter's weather has put a serious strain on your department, and the fact that I haven't heard anyone calling in for your head... except in Sagaponack Village, of course... the way the residents of Queens howled for that of Mayor John V. N. Lindsay in 1969, must mean you're doing at least an adequate job.

Still, there are a couple of things I think you should pay some mind to when the snow removal/road sanding crises are over.

I would call your attention to South Road in Westhampton between Cook's Pond and the Long Island Railroad crossing, with particular focus on that stretch between Seabreeze Avenue and Summit Boulevard.

Yesterday when taking some refuse to the Westhampton Transfer Station, I narrowly dodged several potholes of significant size, and now on alert, counted 11 of them, four biggies, on the way home.

You may well be inundated with such repair calls just now, so I only wish to put you on notice that that stretch of road requires remedial action at your earliest opportunity.

Thought you'd appreciate a "heads up" from a resident... haven't seen any Town Highway Department vehicles around of late to alert, so I'm using the blog to convey my concerns before someone loses a wheel, or worse.

Thanks in advance, Alex.


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