Ahhhh, <i>now</i> I remember...

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ahhhh, now I remember...

...why this sounded so familiar.

Developers now want to build 118 homes, golf course in East Quogue

"...the revised plan – which now proposes the con­struc­tion of 118 residential units, and not the 82 as originally pitched – is much different from the pre-application ap­proved last month by the Southampton Town Board."

It took a bit before it clicked, but it was less than three years ago that Gregg and Mitchell Rechler, after getting approval for a two-story anchor hotel to be construct­ed at Gabreski Airport, came back in saying that in order to make their project work, it had to be three stories in height.

Right! My thought then, as now, was if the Rechlers didn't realize that their project wasn't viable at two stories, then they probably weren't competent enough to develop anything.

(To their discredit, the Town Board rolled over for the Rechlers.)

And here we are again... different project, different devel­opers, same Town Board and "bait 'n' switch" approach.

Actually, Billy Kearns, speaking before the Town Board last week used the term "bait 'n' switch." He was being polite.

There's another one, an older ploy known as "I'll only stick it in a little bit."

It didn't work with any girls that I ever knew of... why is the Southampton Town Board so gullible?


1. EastEnd68 said...

Political contributions buy anything.

Of course they do... but someone needs to go over five sets of campaign disclosure statements from last year and the next cycle to make that relevant.

2. Hampton West said...

I wrote a letter to The Press... Great minds think alike.

That was a natural!

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