The 'Evil Genius' Strikes Again!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The 'Evil Genius' Strikes Again!

Until recently, I'd never paid much attention to the Sunday morning collections of talking heads/pundits/spinmeisters and hacks on ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC... and still don't have any great degree of tolerance for them.

But once in awhile there's a segment which surprises and de­lights, such as occurred this morning when Fox's Chris Wallace had former Ohio Democratic Governor (2007-2011) Ted Strickland and Republican strategist Karl Rove on to discuss the putative front runners for their parties' 2016 Presidential nominations.

Ted Strickland

I'm not familiar with Strickland, but when I saw him on the television screen I realized that he was the one who'd been all over the media last week blasting New Jersey's embattled Republican Governor Chris Christie about the closing of the George Washington Bridge last September 9th, stating...

"Either the governor knew and he is lying, or he is the most inept, incompetent chief executive imaginable."

Strong words from someone who presents a very strong image on TV: good-looking, articulate and with the type of jaw that inspires others with his leadership qualities.

Karl Rove'd gotcha!

Rove and Strickland battled the subject around a bit before Rove pulled out his white board, on which was written "2008 Joe the Plumber," and held it up to the camera, saying:

"Government Strickland's own apointee as head of the Employment Commission, was found to have been accessing confidential Government databases in order to find out confidential information, private information about 'Joe the Plumber'" and leaking it to the press.

Whooooooooooa! But Rove wasn't finished:

"Now, is Governor Strickland, to adopt his standard, incompetent or lying simply because it was his ap­pointee that did these things?"

Strickland bravely tried to smile and move forward while denying elements of Rove's assertions, but with each passing moment his previously rock-solid demeanor de­graded and he was done! (See below:)

It was lively, made for good television, and took the wind completely out of the one-term Governor's sails.

Game, set and match to the "Evil Genius" of the GOP.


1. Ronnie said...

A Bronx Raspberry For Strickland!!

Bastid won't be so quick to go on point for the Dems again.

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