The first part is now official!

Friday, February 14, 2014

The first part is now official!

From 27East this afternoon:

Suffolk Republican Committee Picks Zeldin To Challenge Bishop; Snubs Demos

"The Suffolk County Republican Committee on Thursday night tapped a familiar face to challenge U.S. Represen­tative Tim Bishop of Southampton for the right to rep­resent New York’s 1st Congressional District next year, though nominee and current State Senator Lee Zeldin will most likely first have to stave off a challenge from a familiar foe from within the GOP."

With the laying of hands upon the shoulders of Zeldin (R, Shirley), the GOP has formalized what was know last Fall... he's the guy they think can finally topple Bishop although he was trampled by the incumbent in 2008, 48.9% to 34.5%.

But now he's had two terms of seasoning in the State Senate after defeating Democratic incumbent Brian X. Foley 57%-43% in 2010 and winning a second term, besting Democrat Francis Genco 56%-44% in 2012.

Meanwhile Conservative George Demos, as noted earlier this week, intends, for the third election cycle in a row, to contest Zeldin's designation in a primary this June.

Purely by happenstance, my 'phone rang around 6:30 last evening with a robo-call inviting my participation in a "town hall meeting on-line;" with that very same George Demos all I had to do with press "1" on my keypad.

I did, and was summarily connected to eavesdrop in on the on-going Q&A with the wannabe GOP standard bearer.

It was a very interesting 35 minutes... and I was actually given the opportunity invited by a call-screener to ask Mr. Demos a question of my own.

Of course, he wanted to know what I intended to ask... and I was straight forward, knowing that I had likely taken my­self out of the queue.

"I'd like to know why Mr. Demos bailed out of the primary race two years ago?"

The screener thanked me for the question and I was re­connected to the audio feed... most of the callers he spoke with were from NorthWest of here: Coram, Stony Brook, Seldin and Centereach, and though there was one from Shirley and another from Greenport.

(A number of the questions appeared to be plants from Demos' team.)

At 7:10 pm, Demos thanked everyone, allowed that he was out of time, and that was it... presumably to race off to Holtsville for the GOP convention which ultimately ignored him.

Somewhere between now and the June 25th Republican Primary, I intend to speak to Demos directly and get an answer to my question.


1. Coach K said...

Although not a fan, Zelden can be very formidable in a debate, probably even better with his four years in state office. Tim is gonna' have to be real sharp.

Or Bishop could take the safe Levan/Tucker route and decline to participate in a debate.

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