Isaac Sidney Caesar (1922-2014)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Isaac Sidney Caesar (1922-2014)

There were two must-see TV shows in our house at 127 Cass Avenue in Mount Clemens, Michigan when the Speir family got its first ever television set in 1951, a 15-inch Philco, as I recollect.

One was Arturo Toscanini's irregular performances... about twice a year, I think... conducting the NBC Symphony Orchestra.

(A 1952 clip of the Maestro conducting "The William Tell Overture.")

The other was a weekly 90-minute live show at 9:00 on CBS Saturday evenings, "Your Show of Shows."

(Whaaaa? You thought "The Milton Berle Show?" Pffuuuui! W-a-a-a-y too lowbrow for our family!)

In truth, Sid Caesar wasn't too far above that classification in my father's eyes... he adored rubbery faced comedienne Imogene Coca while my mother liked Howard Morris, so there actually was "something for the whole family."

(A representative YSoS sketch with Caesar and Coco.)

With today's passing of Caesar, only Carl Reiner of the original performers remains.


1. Jackie Bennett said...

What a wonderful walk down Memory Lane. It was fun to watch Sid and Imogene and pure joy to watch Toscanini conduct "The William Tell Overture". Thanks so much Dean.

Of course, I have a well-known faiblesse for Signor Rossini's... dare I say it... greatest hit!
– Dean

2. Ronnie said...

Dean: What happened to your spell checker? Overature?

Anyway the Avallone family got their first TV when we bought a Levitt house in East Meadow (Nassau County), in 1950. "YSOS" was my favorite entertainment show. I loved "The German General." Sid had a great ear for accents – even Italian!

  • That would be Hunt Marckwald, and he has been slacking off of late. Thanks for filling in.
  • Well, it was my first entertainment show, and occupies a warm corner of my otherwise blackheart.

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