If there's a more useless waste...

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

If there's a more useless waste...

...of taxpayer money than Congress, then I can't imagine what it is. And I have a fairly good imagination!

Considering the core issues of a war in Afghanistan, health­care, a spiraling National Debt, crime, immigration, the threat of a new nuclear power in the Middle East and on the Pacific Rim, et al, look at what two of its members were doing yesterday:

Rep. Tom Cole, Sen. Maria Cantwell write to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell about Washington Redskins name

The woman and her House of Representatives cohort announced that they have sent a letter to National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell urging him to support changing the name of the Washington franchise from ­Red­skins (which it has been since 1933 when located in Boston) to something "less offensive" to Native Americans.

Cantwell (D, WA) chairs the Indian Affairs Committee while Cole (R, OK) is a member of the Native American Caucus as well as the Chickasaw Nation.

What instigated this pressing matter was Goodell's state­ment, in a pre-Super Bowl address last week, that the name "Redskins" is "a term of honor."

Cantwell/Cole make it clear that they consider it "an insult to Native Americans:"

"The National Football League can no longer ignore this and perpetuate the use of this name as anything but what it is: a racial slur."

Cantwell even went so far as to specifically threaten to "examine" the NFL's tex-exempt status as a 501(c)(6) organization in order to apply pressure for a name-change.

Washington Redskins totem

Not only is a name change sought, but an abandonment of the team's totem.

(Imagine if the Buffalo/indian head nickel was still in circulation?)

What owner Dan Snyder continues to call his football team is so much the business of Congress that the Senator from Washington State would openly wield her authority to extort him to her thinking?

It's an outrageous abuse of her position, and I don't care how many "offended" persons she claims to represent!

If those Native Americans can't get over the fact there's a professional football team in our Nation's capital nicknamed "Redskins," then they can reflect on the irony that Washing­ton, D.C. is simply a place where our indige­nous population has been getting screwed since the 1830s!


1. Lee Bee Dee. said...

You're not saying anything that Will Rogers didn't say with more humor 90 years ago!

O well... can't spin a rope the way he could either.

You're right, though... one of his comments is especially appropriate: "Lord, the money we do spend on Government and it's not one bit better than the government we got for one-third the money twenty years ago."

And that was circa 1930!
– Dean

2. Jackie Bennett said...

Indian head nickels are still in my wallet. Politically incorrect language is still on my tongue, and Indians do not have red skin. Only white people who crisp themselves on the beach get red skin. I do get what you are talking about and what "they" are talking about too, but still contend that name Redskin doesn't correctly identify the color of Indian skin. This comment will no doubt start a riot.

I've railed against "political correctitude" before. It seems less aggressive a virulence than it once was, but there are those who won't rest 'til the language is so homogenized that boredom will become the leading cause of death for Americans age 55 and over.
– Dean

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