One of the cleverest, funniest...

Sunday, February 09, 2014

One of the cleverest, funniest...

...and best rehearsed lip-synched labors-of-love video productions I've ever seen:

Screen capture - click to play

Jeanne has never been able to abide the music of ABBA, but even she got a big kick out of this!

(Of course the final image of the expression on the face of the li'l chocolate guy "sold" it.)

I've watched it several times now, and it appears to have been shot in one continuous take, and while the choreo­graphy isn't complex, the large cast executes their moves almost flawlessly.

(Yes, I know... the little blonde in the white tee-shirt who appears around the 2:48 mark was apparently the one member of the extensive cast who missed rehearsals.)

It's all in service to a worthy cause, the Lake County (Raleigh, North Carolina) SPCA, and I can't help but think that if Pat Lynch really wanted to do something for the Southampton Town Animal Shelter, this might inspire her.


1. Marty K. said...

You neglected to mention the excellence of the taller blonde in the white tee-shirt earlier in the video (@1:20)! She was... exceptional!

Yes, she was... um, outstanding, and clearly had paid attention during rehearsals.
– Dean

2. Ronnie said...

WOW, Dean. Thanks for the link - I hadn't seen that video before. Is this what Speilberg does in his spare time?

I have to say that I got my best dogs at the Wantaugh Bide-A-Wee. They are so loving that they put the Westminster pooches to shame.

Pooches that make it as far as the Westminster Dog Show are pampered and catered to... not our type of dogs at all.

That dog held up for the videographer at the end still cracks me up everytime I watch that video!

3. Frank Wheeler said...

I agree, very impressive production -- the older gal backing down the hallway near the beginning seems to have missed some rehearsals as well, the part where the work on lip-synching. And that skinny guy in the aqua tee-shirt with the receding hairline and the horned-rimmed glasses who appears at two different times? You can just tell that he's the type you wanna punch out after being in his company for 30 seconds!

Gee, Frank, getting a little cabin fever over there in snow-bound Wildwood?
– Dean

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