George Demos' First Salvo...

Monday, February 03, 2014

George Demos' First Salvo...

...just landed on my home 'phone in the form of a taped message from the third time Republican candidate for New York State's First Congressional District, the seat occupied for the past 11 years by Democrat Timothy Bishop.

Demos campaign bug

Demos, who failed GOP primary challenges in both 2010 and 2012 to well-funded car­petbagger Randy Altschuler, has launch­ed 2014 campaign messages well in advance of Bishop or his presumptive op­ponent, State Senator Lee Zeldin (R, Shirley).

(Zeldin lost his first run against Bishop in 2008, 48.9% to 34.5%.)

Demos' initial launch is catchy with a universal theme...

Demos 2014 advertisement

...and fatuous! Not everyone will recognize the stocky guy on the right as Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, #1, and, #2, whatever one thinks of Bishop or President Obama, trying to associate them with a crack-smoking foreign official does nothing but reveal the paucity of Demos' candidacy.

In cable television advertising running for the past month at a cost of $30,000/week, Demos has charged that...

"Tim Bishop and Lee Zeldin both made Obamacare a reality. And both should be held accountable."

There's no denying the truth of the assertion in respect to Bishop, who votes the party line exclusively, but Zeldin im­mediately fired back, calling Demos' assertion "grossly in­accurate" and "a blatant lie," adding:

"The vote being desperately distorted was an omnibus appropriation of a portion of the approximately $48 billion the federal government spends on federal pro­grams in New York State."

Ahhhhhhhhhh... national politics on the local stage in snow-bound February!

This promises to be an unpleasant run-up to this Summer's GOP primary.


1. Jeanne Speir said...

Thank you for this analysis of the inflammatory, colorful flyers. I had no idea who that third guy was. I assumed it was Lee Zeldin, and I thought, "ewww. What a creepy looking guy." It seems to me that Demos' ambition is far greater than his rhetorical skills. This.Is.Ugly. Have we another pit bull with lipstick in the local arena, all flash, no substance?

Next, he'll be telling senior citizens that Medicare is going to become Obamacare.

For the record, Medicare is untouched by Obamacare.

For the record, "Obamacare" has helped working people, like a local, part-time man at Home Depot get better health insurance for less money.

For the record, my grad-student/barista daughter now has affordable health insurance.

Demos is banking on fear and fury, not truth. Shame on him.

The success or failure of "Obamacare" is yet to be determined, your tireless prosletyzing to the contrary.

2. Jeanne Speir said...

But wait, there's more! This attack on Zeldin was so upsetting, I figured I'd best check out who this Republican Lee Zeldin was. Forgiving the fact he's from Crookhaven, the guy is an honorable veteran, and very smart, for starters. Here: Lee Zeldin Biography.

Yeah, but which way will you go in Election Day?

3. Hampton West said...

...and my 31 year old, whose $90,000 a year IT job was out-sourced to India, who after 8 months unemployed now makes a little more than one-half of the old salary doing essentially the same job with no benefits, now has affordable health insurance.

Okay, so your last born can thank Randy Altschuler (remember him?) for losing his $90k job... and this relates to the Greek from (currently) Stony Brook... how?

(Or are you just flirting with my wife?)

4. Hampton West said...

I should be so lucky!

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