We got a dog...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

We got a dog...

Nice little fella... "Rosco." Terrier mix with some Weimaraner in his eyes. At five months, "normal-size" feet so he's not going to grow up to be a mortgage payment to feed!

(On Christmas Day 1989 my son-in-heir presented me with a seven-week-old four-pound pup, three pounds of which looked to be his paws! "Son," I said, "be­fore you marry the girl, meet the mother. Before you bring home a dog, look at the feet!" By the time "Breed" reached age two, he was 120-pounds on the hoof! Whuff!)

"Rosco." should top out at 60 pounds, a good size for what we wanted... a dog with some substance to him, and who, when required, can bark (not yap!).

We discovered him under the yellow flag in the Town of Riverhead Animal Shelter, on the second day of his mandatory week-long quar­an­tine. Not especially enthralled by any of their "out-front" candidates for adoption... al­though there were a couple of Beagles who were tempting... we asked, like Peggy Lee, "Is that all there is?"

As it was late in the day and probably because we were the sole prospective adopters, we were allowed to peek into the Quarantine Ken­nel. There was a young white-ish female who looked promising... 'til we saw her brother, and at that moment the search was over!

Puppy Boy Rosco

He and "Gracie," our six-and-one-half year old multi-mix (it looks like her Ma and several generations of females before that were a bit on the loose, cheap and easy side) out of Town of Brookhaven Animal Shelter, interact very well... she was under­stand­ably dubious when "Rosco" first arrived, but they get along famously now, and she's not only instructed him on the finer points of dealing with squirrels in the backyard ("Get'em! No quarter!") but even taught him how to negotiate the stairs! The first two days, it appeared that he would have rather under­gone another neutering procedure than attempt even two steps!

Gracie and Rosco

So now we are four again.


1. Sha said...

I just love that he has a little heart on his neck!!

2. Clamqueen said...

Yeah! I can't wait to meet Rosco.

3. At it again said...

So Dean, at last night's Village Work Session, Deputy "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Kametler pitched adding a fleet of boat slips to our marina to make we Village folk some more money. When asked if he had considered the environmental impact he came back with his patented "Uh, duh, no." Your thoughts?

You neglected to mention whether he finished off his proposal with "It'll be a home run for the Village!"
Whoever asked the question must not be too familiar with the Deputy Mayor's thought processes… the kindest thing one might say at this point is that they are "finite."

4. Tugboat Bertha said...

How did we get from admiring Roscoe to Kametler and more boat slips? I second "At it again's" concern about the environmental impact. And since when does the Village make a killing on the boat slips? We learned while in business that the boat people were cheap and we hated to see them coming.

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