The 'smart money'...

Sunday, February 02, 2014

The 'smart money'...

...this evening is on the Seattle Seahawks to prevail in Super Bowl XLVIII for rather conventional reasons:

  1. Good defense beats good offense, and while the Denver Broncos own the best offense, Seattle is possessed of the #1 defense in the National Foot­ball League this season.
  2. The worse the weather the bigger advantage to the defense, and while the dire predictions of a week ago threatened both the date and the site of the contest, the prospect for playing conditions has greatly improved. But it's still outdoors and cold!
  3. Media-shy Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch should thrive in these weather conditions.

As Damon Runyon long ago noted in More Than Somewhat:

"The race is not always to the swift nor the battle to the strong, but that's the way to bet."

Then there's the sentimental money which has been so plentiful that within hours of the sports books establishing Seattle as two point favorites, moved the line the other way an almost unheard of four points to make Denver the favorite.

(At this writing, Denver's a 2½ point favorite.)

Lotta people like Denver... well, not Denver so much as their quarterback, old pro Peyton Manning, the 37-year-old, five-time league MVP who came back from four neck sur­geries to set new single season records for touchdown passes and yardage this year!

I watched Manning, son of Archie and brother of the Giants Eli, with fascination this past season.

Sports writers have been referring to quarterbacks as "field generals" since the days of drop kicks and single wing for­ma­tions, but never have I seen anyone so completely justify that sobriquet as did Peyton this season, so much so that he seemed to make Adam Gase's position as Offensive Co­ordinator an irrelevancy.

It's almost comical watching Peyton interrupt his snap count to reposition a teammate either by pointing or physically moving, then resume the count and get the play off without incurring a delay of game penalty.

The man is simply in charge, and successfully so!

Peyton has one championship ring, won while leading his original team, the Indianapolis Colts, to victory over the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XLI... younger brother Eli has two, but at this juncture of his career, isn't half the quar­terback as Peyton.

I, along with apparently 65% of those following this Super Bowl, want to see Peyton win!

I still think Seattle has the better chance, but I won't bet against my rooting interest... this has served me well in events such as Super Bowls III and IV, and the two Liston-Clay/Ali heavyweight title fights.


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