Who'd a thunk it?

Monday, January 21, 2008

Who'd a thunk it?

The Manning under center in Super Bowl XLII will be Eli instead of Peyton?

I enjoyed last evening's game between the Green Bays and the New Jerseys (née New Yorks)... for me it harkened back to '61 and '62, and the scores of 37-0 and 16-7, Bart Starr vs. Y.A. Tittle, Vince Lombardi vs. Allie Sherman (who got the job that should have gone to Lombardi).

And although I was leaning in the direction of wanting to see Bret Favre match-up heroically against the New England's Tom Brady next month, the Giants have done a great job in the post season and Eli Manning is the biggest thing in metro-area quarterbacks since Joe Willie Namath led the upstart Noo Yawkers to an unlikely win in Super Bowl III almost 40 years ago.

No matter what happens 13 days from now, last evening was monumental to the Giants franchise... they finally beat the Packers in a Championship game, they also won in over­time and in a psyche sense, shook off the specter of their 1958 Championship loss to Johnny Unitas and the Baltimores... Alan Ameche from six-yards and the Colts win the first ever "sudden death" title game, often considered the most important game in the history of the National Football League!

But one thing that rankled all week and through to last night's late sportscasts was the endless repetition of "the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field."

In my mind's ear I can hear the great John Facenda, the "Voice of God" who narrated all the terrific NFL films before his passing in 1984, intone those words... never mind that he never did, he should have!... but they've be­come such a cliché that rather than describe the mid-Winter playing surface of the Packers' home field, what it most reveals is the abom­inable paucity of talent today among those who purport to be journalists.


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