It's Official!

Friday, January 04, 2008

It's Official!

The Suffolk County Board of Elections have finally finished verifying and certifying the General Election results from November 6th, and the GOP Candidate for Supervisor... the official choice of registered Southampton Town Republicans who took the time to make their way to the polls in September's Primary... is Westhampton's own Linda Kabot.

(Yeah, I know she lives in Quogue now, but she'll always, always have her 'umble origins in Westhampton!


Good thing it's official in Yaphank, 'cause she's already been sworn in at Southampton Town Hall.

Congratulations, Mrs. Kabot... and I'll again offer the same advice I did back on September 18th... "Don't do anything stupid!"

It was touch and go there during the campaign with a couple of your dubious decisions, but you've got 20-21 months now to earn your Supervisory spurs, so go ahead and start by naming someone now to fill out your unexpired Council seat!


1. Matlynn Carville said...

Isn't she leaving it up to the voters in a special election? I kinda LIKE that perspective.

That, in my never-quite-'umble-enough-opinion would be a needlessly expensive idea. She has the authority; she should suck it up and use it, and then let her choice stand for election to the final year of Mrs. Kabot's unexpired term by the voters in November!

2. Matlynn Carville said...

No doubt, an election is expensive. But isn't a far greater expense the lack of democracy? Phooey on political appointments. We saw in WHB how bad an appointment choices could affect OUR bottom line. After years of cronyism and closed shop, perhaps it's Kabot's way of demonstratively positing she wishes to have voters make their own decisions. The position is open for nearly a year before the next election. Open government by the people. Wow. What a spectacular idea. Our choice, our consequence. BTW, Speir, speaking of transparency and legal stuff and all, what ever happened to YOUR election irregularities? Weren't there illegal votes cast for the other side? What ever came of that?

Points well-taken… but I don't for a second think that Mrs. Kabot is all that altruistic. I fail to divine her particular thinking here, but whoever she appoints now, would still have to stand in November's election for that final year of her term, so she's just being uncharacteristically indecisive.
In respect to last June's Village election, one particular process has been undertaken, and another is almost ready to launch… thanks for reminding me.

3. Tony Joe Berk said...

"Don't do anything stupid", that's easier said than done for local politicians. Imagine how difficult it is for those with absolutley NO political experience/knowledge!!

4. Fed Up said...

Hey Dean... now that the Town elections are over, maybe you could start poking around WHB. I am almost certain this Village Board has not been behaving themselves. Besides its nice to see them squirm when you put the presure on them to "KEEP'EM HONEST."

You're probably right, but one "big mouth" isn't going to accomplish much on his own. The more bodies they see at their monthly meetings and work sessions, the more likely they will be to keep on the straight 'n' narrow.
O, and if you've got a good lead on something unseemly, let me know.

5. Clamqueen said...

Hey Dean Darling... it's been two weeks! I'm jones'in' for some Deanisms. xxoo

6. Connie and Company must go! said...

Maybe someone should look into how they are vaporizing the park fund to do routine maintenance. The park fund is to build parks, not pave parking lots or fix benches. That money should come out of the general fund. The reason they are doing this is simple: at the end of the year they will say look at the money we didn’t spend out of the budget. In reality they are draining $$$ that were supposed to go to building parks. When someone pays into the park fund, it’s because they can’t provide the turf for a park in their project. So they pay a penalty. The money is meant to create, not maintain parks. That is what the general fund is for. They will drain the park fund until it is gone and then what?

7. Matlynn Carville said...

C'mon, Speir. My skin is starting to itch. Where in tarnation is your next blog, sir? I need my blog fix. If I don't get it, I'm going to have to do something rash….

8. Fed up said...

Please "Connie and company must go" tell us that this will happen come June. I dont think we could handle Connie or Toni for another two years.

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