Back to da Dump

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Back to da Dump

Returned to the Westhampton Transfer Station with an even fuller vehicle this afternoon, and confronted the hapless Southampton Town "Waste Management" Employee about the New Year's Eve debacle.

"Was that you who belted outta here early on Monday?"

"We close at Noon on New Year's Eve day," he stated without a trace of belligerence. "Christ­mas Eve day as well."

"Your gate sign said 'Closed at 4:00 pm!'"

"They never gave me a sign to put up," he said with palpable chagrin. "I'm sorry that hap­pen­ed to you."

The man was sincere, and without a trace of attitude. One of his predecessors and I would have been rolling around on the ground at this point.

"Well, you're lucky you didn't find at least one carload of trash stacked at the gates when you re-opened this morning! There was another driver here at the same time as I was on Monday, and she was of a mind to do just that!"

"I'm glad she didn't," he said. "There's video on the gate."

As I exited da Dump I looked around... and sure enough, on the utility pole just West of the entrance, was a video surveillance camera.

Little wonder at why the United States is rated so low in the International Privacy Rankings.


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