A sign of progress?

Monday, November 18, 2013

A sign of progress?

I spotted the upper portion of this thing as I rounded past the West­hampton Beach Post Office late this morning.

I kinda knew what it was, I just didn't know quite where it was!

As I passed the Mill Road parking lot, I located the crane at the Southeast corner of the Wald­baum's building, and a surge of hope brightened an already delightful mid-November day.

Improvements to the building were being done!

shiny new mechanical devices

I navigated my way to a strategic position, and snapped some images of the the crane as well as the large shiny mechanical devices it was hoisting up and into position on the store's roof.

I have no idea what the devices do... they seem to function as parts of the heating and cooling system of the not-so-super market... but the import of today's activities is that a significant investment is being made by the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company of Montvale, New Jersey in the local Waldbaum's store, which location has been, with the excep­tion of the re-constructed parking lot several years ago, been treated like the proverbial red-headed step-child.

There's lots more to be done there, but this seems to be a start.


1. Crabby said...

Oh. You mean they might have less defrosted and re-frozen food?

There must have been a spate of food poisonings.

Don't know about the latter, but it is to be furiously hoped about the former.

2. Frank Wheeler said...

O, you guys and your epic struggles with that stinky little Waldbaum's! That's gone on longer than any war in the Middle East.

And just as fervently! I've been at it for more than 35 years... some minor "wins" here and there, but the battle rages!

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