So the polls have closed...

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

So the polls have closed...

...but some questions remain:

Why are these women smiling?
Nancy Graboski, Linda Kabot, Ann Nowak
Why did Brad Bender come out now?

From 27East:

"There's a lot of people that worked really hard and did a lot for our team, and I want to thank my husband, Larry, who did my website and my Facebook [page]..."

Mr. Bender will not be the first homosexual on the South­amp­ton Town Board, just the first one open about it... after the election.

It wasn't a big secret, but why now, Brad? OtBB would've suported you either way.


1. Joyce Roper said...

Hi Dean,

Brad did not come out on election night. He's never hidden the fact that he's gay. Larry frequently accompanied him during the campaign, and they held fundraisers at their home as well. (Good to hear you'd have supported him anyway....)

Wow, Joyce... been awhile!

I don't know Brad (saw him in person for the first time Election Day morning when he brought some goodie flouts for the volunteers into the Polling Place in Westhampton Beach) and never saw any reference to his sexual preferences in any news coverage or campaign literature... why would there be?

I stated two years ago, and again this year, that I thought that that "corner" of Southampton Town deserved better presentation than it had been getting. Bender's been an activist in the Flanders-Northampton-Riverside area for years, and was a logical choice for the Town Board.

Good to hear from you.

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