Linda Kabot lost me today...

Friday, November 01, 2013

Linda Kabot lost me today...

Updated Monday, November 04, 2013 – 17:50pm

...when I opened the mail and found a hand-addressed envelope with a single sheet of paper, one side of which ex­cerpted this week's East End Independ­ent endorsement of the Kabot candidacy for Southampton Town Supervisor which read, in part:

"The circumstances surrounding Kabot's DWI arrest four years ago still rankle us and it likely cost her the elec­tion. We believe then, and we believe now, that it was a set-up, and her subsequent acquittal proves that1."

Indy editor Rick Murphy is welcome to his beliefs2 no mat­ter how crack-pot they may be, but it was the Kabot campaign over which Linda exercises absolute control, which expend­ed money and last minute personnel effort to rekindle and disseminate that bit of delusional paranoia.

The candidate clearly still believes that the Westhampton Beach Village Police were part of a conspiracy to bring her down that Labor Day night four years ago.

Yeah? Okay, Linda, I've supported you for public office since you first threw your cap in the arena, and sincerely felt you have done an excellent job, first as a Councilwoman and then as our Supervisor.

You took over the top job, saddled with cronies and hacks appointed by Junior Heaney, and you had the Town well on its way back to a much-needed stability when you screwed it all up with that poor decision not to drive straight home that night, and then compounded that error with the biggest one of all... your fabled feistiness did not serve you well that time.

Sure, you skated on that incident, but in the interim you failed to finish the job you were elected to do... you had a lock on six more years as Supervisor if you wanted it, and "blew" it, handing the Town over to Anna Throne Holst!

When I supported your re-entry into the political fray two years ago and this Summer, I thought that you had gotten past that misstep of four years ago and were ready to get back to righting the Town.

(You might reflect sometime on how the other side was content to let that DWI arrest alone this year.)

But no! You just had to put it back on the front burner at the 11th hour, and in the process again cast the Westhamp­ton Beach Police Department in a bad light... and when you do something like that to my Village, you lost me!

I'm now going back out in my front yard and removing the "Kabot for Supervisor" sign from my lawn.


Just to let me know she reads OtBB and is still very much her own woman, Linda sent me the identical mailing, post-marked Saturday afternoon.


  1. Bull! All it "proved" was that Mrs. Kabot had a lawyer well-versed in this sort of defense, and he deftly guided her through her trial in Riverhead.
  2. I often wonder how deeply held Murphy's "beliefs" actually are... he loves to rake muck, which is only dishonorable if it's done with a willful disregard for the truth. Too often he uses the Indy editorial page to create a dubious controversy rather than bring light to an issue.


1. 1340 said...

For the Indy to state that, and then to not call onto the carpet, the two respective Chiefs of Police, and Mr. Spota demanding a complete investigation, is despicable. There is no doubt in my mind that the arrest was warranted. The very idea of a conspiracy involving two police departments is foolhardy. That any cop out here would risk losing an incredible job to railroad a politician is laughable.

I concur... but let's not lose our perspectives in respect to The East End Independent. It is what it is, and any Editorial position should be examinded very closely before being taken seriously.

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