Some of the funniest photos...

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Some of the funniest photos...

...(of the Halloween variety) I've ever seen were taken inside Nightmares Fear Factory of Niagara Falls, Canada...

Girls at Nightmares Fear Factory

All right, so they're a bunch of silly young girls, and that's what girls... especially of the teenage variety... tend to do.

But then, how are we to explain this?

Boys at Nightmares Fear Factory

It must primarily be attributable to the quality of the Night­mares Fear Factory experience.

I've never much gone in for that sort of thing, but it seems as if it might be worth the trip North just to kick-start the amygdala and get the adrenaline flowing.

WRCN Bumper Strip, circa 1975

In 1974, then-burgeoning WRCN under the guidance of Mike Fis­chetti and Don Brink, somehow got primary owner Dick Adrian to free up a budget to transform the then (as now) abandoned "Cave," a below-ground East Quogue nightclub built in 1968, into a haunted premises for that Halloween.

The radio station's crew acquired props and materials to create what they promoted as "The Haunted Dungeon of Lord Gravenstoke," had Sascha Burland put together an eerie sound effects tape, and threw open the doors for four nights over Halloween weekend.

I collected my progeny, Pegs (age 8) and Colin (age 4), and set off to East Quogue for the second night of the attrac­tion, and descended into the re-modeled Cave.

It was a fairly decent show, with appropriate lighting and sound effects, and Fischetti narrating a suitably macabre tale as amused adults and spellbound children looked on.

And as he finished and everyone rose to leave, a goodly-sized dummy with a skull for a head, which had remained slumped and motionless in a replica of the Greenhaven electric chair, suddenly animated itself in a flurry of flashes of light and "zaps."

Over the amplified sound system, with a sudden urgency, Fischetti cried:

"Lord Gravenstoke lives! Be careful!"

Young Colin was goggle-eyed and tense with apprehension.

Though ordinarily fiercely protective of her little brother, Pegs could not resist occasionally amusing herself at his expense... this being one of those times.

"Run Colin! He's loose!"

I felt his hand yank from mine, and in an instant executed a series of high-speed maneuvers through a mass of adult legs and youthful bodies, that two decades later would have rivaled Barry Sanders greatest broken field runs.

We almost collapsed at the hilarity of it all, especially when we found Colin in the parking lot peering around the rear of my little Chevy Vega, making certain that nothing ghastly was in pursuit.


Here's some more of the Niagra Nightmares Fear Factory experience:

(One bit of hyperbole is especially silly: "Niagra Falls greatest attraction!" Hel-lo?!

Hint: it's not named "Niagra Nightmares Fear Factory!")

Happy Halloween to all... and a wish for more treats than tricks!


1. Frank Wheeler said...

Just found out my daughter and two of her classmates traveled there Halloween week...... and wet themselves.

She insists it was from laughing, but I know my daughter!

I have to think it's more startling than "scarifying."

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